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Ultraboost vs. NMD


Innovative technology and big business

Adidas is the company behind the ultraBOOST sole, which with its unique composition was a groundbreaking new sole in the running world at the time of its introduction, and today the sole is used in both running shoes and sneakers. The most significant breakthrough outside the running world has to be the Adidas NMD and Yeezy BOOST programme. But what exactly is BOOST from Adidas?

Adidas Ultraboost - an innovative technology

Adidas Ultraboost is the first model with the sole of the innovative technology UltraBOOST - hence the name of the shoe. UltraBOOST is made using a special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material that makes up each part of the small sphere-like units that form the sole.

The special feature of the sole design is that it:

1) Gives energy back with each foot strike, creating a better run, and
2) That it has an ability to maintain a constant temperature because this feature is not altered by temperature fluctuations caused by either friction or natural temperature fluctuations in the weather. It is therefore a very versatile and reliable sole.

BOOST technology was first used in an Adidas shoe in 2013 in the Energy BOOST model. Not long after, the illustrious Y-3 used the sole in a runway shoe, and then it was adopted in earnest by the fashion world. It was no coincidence that the sole was used here; Y-3 is a collaboration between Adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

The UltraBOOST model was introduced as a running shoe in 2015, but due to its high comfort it quickly became a favourite among sneaker collectors, and it therefore quickly found its way outside the world of sports.


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An Adidas Original announces its arrival

The new technology in UltraBOOST eventually led to a new model: the Adidas NMD.

The model is a prime example of the sublime results that can be achieved when innovative features and aesthetics meet. If you're wondering, let's clear it up first as last: NMD stands for "Nomad", and is a reference to the eternal movement of nomadic people, as a symbol of the shoe's functions.

The NMD concept was first presented in late 2015, early 2016 depending on who you ask. The shoe is considered to be one of the most influential and biggest commercial successes in the Adidas Originals range in a number of years. Since the Adidas NMD was first presented, there have been a multitude of designs, colour combinations and collabs. The most famous and hyped collab is probably the still ongoing collaboration with Pharrell Williams. But if you like OG sneakers best, you'll have to stop by one of our stores: now the Adidas NMD lands again in two of the original color ways - white and black, both with an OG NMD detail; white BOOST midsole with the iconic red and blue EVA foam block cushioning.

Iconic for the NMD is that it is based on two technologies that were innovative and groundbreaking at the time; the UltraBOOST sole and the Prime-knit surface. The composition of the sole makes the NMD very comfortable. The BOOST midsole provides soft shock absorption with a light propulsion, while the EVA foam blocks ensure an increased stability in the otherwise soft sole.

Fun fact: The man behind the NMD concept is an Adidas employee of 16 years (now more than 20 years) named Nic Galway, to whom Adidas has hopefully given a noticeable raise. In addition to the NMD, Galway can write on his resume that he developed the Yeezy BOOST program in collaboration with Kanye West. It is neither silly for the CV nor as a heist story.

With cutting-edge technology created for running shoes, you get a comfortable shoe with a discreet look in UltraBOOSTEN. With the same technology added to a touch of colour, you get a true sneaker legend in the NMD. Whether you prefer one model or the other, you get a piece of authentic and comfortable footwear that your feet will love. You can find your favourite, original colourway in your qUINT store or on our web-shop.