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It’s no secret that most women have shelves full of shoes at home because shoes are their favourite fashion item. Over time, we guys have also started to fill our shelves with our favourite accessories – and that means men’s caps. Caps have become a man’s best friend – not just because they are great at hiding the worst bad-hair days (or laziest hair days!), but because caps have become a fashion phenomenon, as an expression of excellent and modern style, whether you choose a sporty, casual or elegant cap.

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Previously only sports brands designed men’s caps, and they were generally associated with an active look. Times have changed. Today, almost all of the major brands in men’s fashion design their own caps or version of a cap, and some of them have even have caps as a category of clothing. Here in our online shop we have put together the most sought after and great-looking brands, so you will find caps from Adidas OriginalsCarhartt WIPLacoste og Avalon Athletics. This means we have a very wide selection you will be able to find the for any occasion.

How to use your caps

There are practically no limits when it comes to using men’s caps. You can create the look you want all depending on the outfit you wear the cap with. You can complete a laid-back and casual look, if you use a hoodie and baggy jeans. Combine it with a pair of slim-fit jeans or a pair of trendy sweatpants and add a pair of smart sneakers to achieve a sporty and active look. Last but not least, most men’s caps are a great solution if you want to tone down your look a little or make it more modern. A men’s cap on its own has a laid back and at the same time incredibly trendy look, which can make an outfit more formal or casual or give a completely ordinary T-shirt a modern touch.

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At qUINT, we are huge fans of men’s caps and this is why we have such a large assortment of this clothing category. We select every single cap on the basis of design, quality and comfort and we never compromise on these criteria. You therefore have a huge choice of the coolest high-quality caps. We have caps with or without logos, with text, print and wild patterns – but also simple caps from New Era and Flexfit.