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Lacoste polo shirts and shirts for the stylish man

Most men have at least one Lacoste polo shirt, T-shirt or shirt in their wardrobe. This French designer brand is strongly established as an international fashion brand and their sporty and above all stylish look means they have a wide target group that extends across styles and age groups. In addition, their characteristic look runs right through the Lacoste assortment, which is the very definition of high quality and exclusive materials. They give every single detail special treatment, and nothing is left to chance. Every single item has the famous signature Lacoste crocodile, which is the guarantee of attractive design, high quality and excellent comfort.

Find a classic French fashion legend – Lacoste

There are not many people who know where the well-known green crocodile logo comes from – even though the French brand is popular and successful all over the world. The logo was born when the talented and major tennis player René Lacoste was given the nickname “The Crocodile” during a bet for a ball made out of crocodile skin. His friend Robert George then designed a crocodile which he sewed onto the tennis star’s blazer. In 1933, in collaboration with the designer André Gillier, the tennis player decided to create a brand of sportswear that would become a global success, and since that time the Lacoste polo T-shirt has enjoyed success after success and today most people recognise the small green crocodile on everything to do with fashion.

Lacoste shirts – more than just well-known clothes

Today, most people associate Lacoste with their classic polo shirt, but the French clothing brand makes much else, including shirts. A Lacoste shirt is known for its classic, sporty and elegant design and as a rule there is always a designer shirt from this brand that matches your style and taste. This means that you can easily combine the clothing with different styles because it is so compatible. It is perfect to wear at work, during leisure activities, on a golfing trip or at a party. When you buy a Lacoste shirt you can be sure that it is stylish and will go really well with the rest of your wardrobe.

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