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The North Face

The North face

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The North Face for the stylish man

Today, The North Face is one of the world’s leading producers of equipment for extreme sport practitioners and people who love the great outdoors. The brand has also proved to be a great success in the world of fashion. The brand is a leader in wildlife and performance wear and an important player in streetwear. Young men love The North Face brand because the brand makes casual and confident styles, for example. The North Face jackets are very practical for most occasions and excellent streetwear. The North Face focuses on high quality and nature, so you can be sure you get a really sound product. Many streetwear enthusiasts love the great quality and the casual look and follow the brand’s ultra-nice styles.

From mountaineers to The North Face

Mountaineers say that the north face of any mountain is the most difficult to climb. Here bravery, technique, belief in your own abilities and above all, the quality of your equipment is challenged and tested. And it was precise because of this belief that The North Face was founded in 1966. Two mountaineering enthusiasts, Douglas Tompkins and Dick Klopp founded the brand and opened a store in San Francisco where they sold equipment to people who shared their passion for mountaineering. A couple of years later, the two mountaineers started to design their own backpacks which they promoted under the brand name The North Face. Later they began to make their own jackets, boots, tents, sleeping bags and other equipment. Mountaineers around the world loved the brand. You can find a wide selection of the popular The North Face bags here at qUINT.

Cool vests from The North Face

The North Face has many different styles, but its vests are especially popular among young people. The vest can easily be worn with a pair of sneakers to enhance a sporty and youthful look, which is very popular right now. The North Face gloves are also very popular among young people. An important detail with their so-nice gloves is that they are touchscreen compatible – which means you can surf online or change the music on your smart phone out in the cold! So if you love sustainable fashion, wilderness chic and casual streetwear, find them in our online shop and see the selection of smart The North Face vests and warm gloves.

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Tompkins and Klopp, the founders of The North Face, personally spent a lot of time in the mountains and were true nature lovers. So the brand of course is a passionate advocate of encouraging people to take care of nature because we might not have it forever. Sustainability and the protection of nature are therefore crucial and with many of their outdoor products they send text encouraging people to use them in the great outdoors while it still exists. So don’t delay and buy a pair of gloves and the rest and get out there. No one’s stopping you!