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Interview with Pleasures

The streetwear brand, Pleasures, was founded in 2015 by Alex James and Vlad Elkin. They produce clothing with graphic expressions on all forms of apparel. Their collections are deeply influenced by the music Alex and Vlad listened to during their upbringing. With that and the entire culture surrounding that music and the artists, they create a unique and personal universe with Pleasures.
Interview med Pleasures

1. What inspired you to start a streetwear brand in Los Angeles?
Los Angeles was the perfect home to start PLEASURES. The open laid back ease of the California lifestyle along with freedom of space helped us create.

2. How would you describe the overall aesthetic and style of your brand?
At the core of the brand is music subculture. Music is the pulse of our brand and our love language.

3. What sets your streetwear brand apart from others in the industry?
We pride ourselves of forward thinking design with an affordable price point.

4. Can you tell us about the creative process behind designing your clothing collections?
Each season, we create a bunch of ideas into wearable items. Our “loose” design ethos helps us create virtually anything we want. PLEASURES is for everyone to enjoy.

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Shop Pleasures

Interview med Pleasures

5. Are there any particular themes or messages that you incorporate into your designs?
Inclusivity and Free of Thought. Anytime Anything Anywhere!!

6. How do you source materials and ensure the quality of your products?
A lot of the fabrics are made specifically for us in limited quantities with quality materials like organic cotton.

7. Can you share any success stories or memorable moments that have happened to your brand?
One of our most memorable moments was when we did a hybrid fashion show meets concert with Wiz Kalifha, Juicy J, Ty Dollasign, and Chevy Woods. We created a capsule collection that the artists worn and performed in.

8. Do you collaborate with any artists or influencers to create unique collections or limited editions?
We work with a lot of bands. Their music inspires us to create these unique capsule collections. My favorite project to date is Sonic Youth.

Interview med Pleasures

9. How do you engage with your community and connect with your customers in Los Angeles?
We do a lot of community based parties, events, and concerts. Each week we offer a playlist introducing new and classic music to our fanbase.

10. Are there any upcoming releases or collaborations that your customers should be excited about?
We are beyond excited about our upcoming projects with Puma. It includes not only footwear but a collection of interesting activewear pieces. Also really excited about presenting the film HACKERS in the form of an official clothing collaboration.

11. What are your plans for expansion or growth in the future?
We are pushing our global movement by doing more concerts and activations outside of the USA. We truly love our International fans!!

12. What role does sustainability play in your brand’s practices and manufacturing processes?
We are playing our part by cutting the use of plastics. We are using more cotton based fabrics and if we must use poly its recycled.

Interview med Pleasures

13. How do you stay up to date with current streetwear trends while maintaining your brand’s identity?
We don’t really follow trends. PLEASURES creates their own.

14. What challenges have you faced as a streetwear brand, and how have you overcome them?
The biggest challenge is holding peoples attentions spans in todays fast paced world. We keep people engaged in our brand by consistently putting out quality ideas with compelling storytelling.

15. How do you approach inclusivity and diversity in your brand’s marketing and representation?
We’ve always represented inclusivity in our brand because it’s who we are as people. We’ve never played the “cool guy” card and always welcomed everyone with open arms.