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Men’s jackets and winter jackets

A men’s jacket can be a heavy investment and can take a hefty chunk out of your clothes budget. Therefore choose a type that can represent you and your style in the best possible way and ideally for many years to come, so you don’t have to fork out a load of money every year. In other words, it’s a good idea to choose a coat you can see yourself wearing for a couple of seasons. And you may have to spend some time finding the right choice, but it is an investment that definitely can be worthwhile in the long run. At qUINT, we have endeavoured to make it easier by bringing together all of the best items from the best designers in a single location, so you can be inspired and tempted here. Whether you are looking for a sporty bomber jacket that can withstand all of the seasons or a winter jacket for the cold months, you will find it at qUINT.

Bomber jacket, denim jacket or windproof jacket?

Jackets and coats are a fixed item in any man’s wardrobe – regardless of whether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn. In Denmark especially, the weather is highly changeable and a sunny day can easily turn cloudy and cold, so you need a jacket or a longer coat. Maybe you already have a type in mind for each season - so it’s a question of the look that you want and whether you can afford several of each type. This is why we have put together a huge selection of different styles, so you can create the look you want – all year round. Whether you want to be elegant, retro, timeless, trendy, sporty or want a casual denim jacket – you will find the perfect choice here.

The best of the best

At qUINT, we believe that great-looking design is not the only criteria – high quality and a good fit are just as important. Therefore we focus on the choice of material, durability, cut and details when we select men’s jackets for our assortment. This is why you are also guaranteed that all three things come together as a complete whole. In other words, you don’t have to worry about which design you like the best or whether the choice of material matches the high standard. For example, if you are looking for a lightweight jacket it can be beneficial if you consider whether it needs to withstand wind and rain and which extra features you want, e.g. inside pockets. We well variants of all of the most popular and recognised coats and jackets from brands such as Carhartt, Columbia, The North Face and many more.

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Regardless of the season that is approaching, at qUINT we always have a large selection of all kinds of jackets for. Obviously, if we are on the cusp of winter, we fill our shelves with thicker jackets like down jackets, and if it’s summer we stock light summer jackets. We always endeavour to stock the newest trends and we’re always ready to answer any questions.