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Men’s trousers

It goes without saying that every man should have a few pairs of trousers in his wardrobe. But of course the kind of trousers and the styles, well that’s always up for discussion. Shall they be slim-fit or baggy or in between? Do you prefer classic chinos or sporty jogging bottoms or something else? Or maybe you are looking for a pair of baggy cargo pants? There are huge variety of different kinds of trousers, this is why at, we have put together an assortment of the most popular brands and modern styles and ensured that we have something for everyone’s taste, shape and style.

Fit is crucial when you buy trousers online

Fit is important whether you are buying jeans, chinos or other trousers. It’s a certainty that you already have a pair of favourite trousers just as you’ve probably also bought a pair of trousers that didn’t really fit you as well as you had imagined when you tried them on at home. And so they lie there in your wardrobe never used until the day you give them away or throw them out. We really want to help you avoid that kind of thing, so that’s why we stand ready to help at all times. So ask customer service here on the online shop, and they will provide advice and guidance so you make the perfect purchase – a pair of trousers that you will actually wear.

Which kind of trousers are your favourite?

When it comes to trousers, there is an endless choice of different kinds and they are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. It can also be a good idea to own several pairs of different styles, so that you can create your own look from day to day. One day you can wear a pair of sweatpants for a laid-back and comfortable look, the next day you can wear a pair of slim-fit jeans and a tight trendy T-shirt for a cooler look. The more kinds of pants and jeans that you own, the greater the variation in the look that you can create. So you have more options. We hope you will find your favourite pair among our selection.

Buy trousers online at

Find precisely the colour, style and fit of trousers or jeans online at that you like and which was based with your style and stature. We sell trousers and jeans from all the popular brands such as Carhartt, Gabba, Pelle Pelle, EA7, Just Junkies and many more. Whether its denim or cloth, tight or loose, with large pockets, smart details, fresh colours or the simple and classic comforts pants, we will almost certainly have one or two pairs that are perfect for you. At qUINT, you will find a wide selection of the assortment and we constantly update our assortment, so you will always be able to purchase the very latest trends in jeans, sweatpants and chinos.