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Men’s shirts

Did you know that up until the 20th century, the shirt was used as an undershirt and it was very indecent to be seen only in your shirt? Thankfully those days are behind us (because of our warmer homes) and the shirt is now a fixed item of clothing in every man’s wardrobe. Have you only ever worn shirts to fine occasions? Well then, it’s time to widen your horizons and to look at the options for wearing a men’s shirt during everyday activities. At qUINT, we are proud of our large selection of leading brands, which makes it the perfect place to start looking for what you need.

At qUINT have no doubt that a shirt is the most versatile item of clothing

You’ll never go wrong with a shirt. You can wear it to school, in town, at work and at major social events like weddings. One way or another, a shirt goes well in your surroundings, no matter if it’s formal, casual or eye-catching. This is because amongst other things, a shirt has many fine details that designers use to make it more attractive. If you're attending af fancy party, the correct choice is a classic long-sleeved light blue shirt without pockets or patterns. On the other hand, if you are headed for a night out on the town with the lads, then a modern version such as a printed shirt will most definitely be a great contrast to the classic. If you need to find fine clothing just when summer is at its peak, then qUINT also has a huge selection of short-sleeved shirts that you will definitely like.

Your new shirts provide new options

You can certainly wear a shirt exactly as you bought it but why not go a bit further and use the opportunity to buy an accessory? Your new shirt can look sharper with a tie or a bow tie or the cool cufflinks. Depending on what you add, your look can totally change. There are as many options as you can imagine. If accessories aren’t your thing, then choose instead a striped shirt, which also adds a little extra to your outfit.

Buy your shirt online at today

At qUINT, we sell the biggest and leading brands, so we can be sure that you will get the best quality and the most interesting choices. We make sure that there is something for everyone’s taste – for example, check out our shirts from Carhartt and Dickies. They are available in many different shapes, colours and chequered shirts, and it’s important that you find one that is the perfect fit for you. We’re always ready to help you find the great-looking shirt that you have long been searching for.