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Fila Polos and apparel

If sport is an integral part of your daily life, then it’s a certainty you know about the brand Fila. Every self-respecting sports dude already has a wardrobe filled with sweatshirts and polos from Fila – one of the biggest sportswear producers in the world. Fila’s vision is one of an active everyday life helped by their many options in how to be sporty in your own town or city. If you trust your own imagination, you can create a new perspective in your surroundings. You don’t need to join a club or find a basketball game. Why not transform your own town or city into a playground and use the many steps and railings to make your everyday life more fun?

Fila - modern sportswear

Fila create sportswear that can be worn for all kinds of sport, but which are perfect for golf, tennis and basketball. Luckily for us the collections are also ideal for everyday life, so if you love the sporty look then you have come to the right place. For example, a simple polo shirt with a pair of jeans will create a refined look, perfect for everyday use at school or at work. The brand has been around for many years and is a familiar sight on the streets. With its famous font and creative use of the letter “F”, the Fila brand name has a well-balanced and futuristic look.

Let Fila give you a sporty look

Fila was founded by two brothers in Italy in 1911. The company started by making underwear and clothing for people who lived in the Italian Alps. After support from stars like Björn Borg, the company changed direction in 1970 and now specialises in sportswear for you and me and also for talented athletes who compete at international level. Independent Fila Korea purchased the international brand and company in 2007 and the company and brand is now managed from Seoul. At qUINT, we love that the company moved into sportswear and are crazy about Fila’s different look which is fresh and combined with excellent quality. Check out our large selection of the brand in our online shop. We have put together for example, the well-known polo shirts, cool sweatshirts, so-nice beanies and comfy tennis socks.

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At qUINT, we love brands that see opportunities that other brands don’t see Why not use the options available in your town or city, and make it your own playground? Why walk up steps when you can run up them? Fila has long been a recognised sportswear brand, and when you are dressed in their so-nice, well-known polo shirts, you show the world that you are a stylish guy who appreciates quality. At qUINT, we have put together a wide selection for you. Check it out and be inspired by the red, white and blue colours. If you have any questions, then please contact us. We are always ready to help and together we will find the style that is perfect for you.