New brand: Daily Paper


Back in 2014, when we first saw the Daily Paper collection and learned about the people behind it, we knew it was only a matter of time before they made their big breakthrough in the industry. We started quietly, with a few single items but the brand never really established itself in our stores and we therefore took a break from selling it in the last couple of seasons.

However, we kept our eyes on the brand and therefore we have now chosen to sell it again. Daily Paper is based in Amsterdam and was formed in 2012 by three childhood friends who shared a passion for music, art, fashion and culture. Since that time, Daily Paper has managed to take different fragments from African culture, which they translate into a unique style with a cool graphical look. They have an eclectic approach to their choice of materials and select and interpret fashion design with a unique source of inspiration. This has made Daily Paper a sought-after and well-respected brand with focus on authentic casual wear.

See our Daily Paper range here.